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Hi friends,

Does anyone of you know if there is any data base with all objects’ stats? I have already a file with all ships and stats (class; tech lvl; slots; turret; Missile; Cargo, Drones m2; Speed; CPU; Cap; Armor; Shields etc etc the list has every stats) but I want to get a list with all weapons

I know that some of you might send me to the “compare tool” but I want to have the raw data so I can apply filters and vlookup and retrieve some data


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All of the information on the structures is readily available online and there are so few of them it should not take long to build a database.

What other in game items do you want stats on?

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basically all weapons (laser, hybrids, projectile, missile and even drones) for ranges, cpu, cap, kind/amount of damage etc

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CSM Member Steve Ronuken publishes regular dumps of all the static game data on his site:


I am sure the base weapon data is in there somewhere if you have the interest to go looking. It should be remembered though that they are often modified significantly by the ship they are used with. You may have more success playing around with Pyfa.


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