Damage assesment request

Being an almost 5 year player I’ve only recently realized. There is ZERO info and understanding about transversal, tracking, explosion etc.
The info is there, but it’s completely hidden to everyone.

Lets say you are flying an interceptor pointing an cynabal.

How can you determine if it will hit you? You can’t. There is 0 info. You can only guess that orbiting it at some km with MWD you will get shot misses from it, but there is ZERO info.

How about add this info to somewhere (maybe below target, or in overview column).
The client knows what turrets/missiles are fitted (it must render it, lol) and can calculate threat. (red - high tracking, in optimal, yellow - low track or on falloff, green - very low track, out of range).

This can help new and old players understand those tracking/transversal props. What speed is enough to be safe.



It’s all in your overview.

What if he has 8 tracking computers fitted? What skills does he have? Implants? Drugs? Rigs? Which ammo?

You need a lot more than just the guns they have fitted.

There is info. Find it. Read it. Practice. Get gud.

You just want your hand held, which I get :smiley:

Cause the alternative means losing ships amirite :smiley:

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