Turret Tracking

Actually I like the old tracking numbers because they are more intuitive (rad/sec). Is there a way to display the old numbers? Or at least make them consistent.


… what?

I may be wrong but I think the way turret tracking works got gutted from my 2013 understanding of it so you probably won’t find the old numbers now

I wish they still listed Rad/Sec. That made sense, now it’s just some arbitrary number that means nothing to me.

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That’s by design, it was their attempt at compressing the performance of good players down and by association lifting bad players up. All the newb needs to know is bigger numbers equals better with no real understanding of what they’re seeing.

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I’ve never understood the numbers, too complex, I just keep slapping tracking mods and rigs till things get better.

When they listed Rads/Sec they also had it available on the overview. You could actually maneuver your ship, especially frigates and cruiser, to keep the numbers close. You didn’t need tracking mods. Now it’s just orbit and f1.

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That’s not entirely true, you can list transversal and try to lower it at all times. No matter what, guns will lose hit rate when transversal climbs. Naglfar arty for example. cannot track a battleship with even a mere few units. You basically need to be 100km off and shooting at something with 5m/s or less.

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