CSM, and CCP, gather 'round, and hear my plea

…'cause for a hit to beckon, tracking should be rad per second.

After having declared my retirement from EVE, again (as we all do from time to time), I found that turret tracking in rad/s has been replaced by an arbitrary value. I’ve discovered that, after I spent 7 weeks, 4 days, 16 hours, 69 minutes, and 7 seconds in addition to several months of meditation and spiritual cleansing, to get my Overview up to shape, from scratch.

Including displaying the Angular Velocity column, displayed in rad per second.

An unquestionably PERFECT column to have displayed, if you want a good indicator of your hit chance for something. For “the other” factor, I’ve badly drawn a flowchart.

I asked, why would they take a perfectly clear, scientific, comprehensible, and usable thing away, and replace it with something completely arbitrary and effectively useless? And the Capsuleers around me would just say “CCP.” (pronounced: see-see-pee-dot), and then give me “that look”. You know, the one when CCP does things, like delete your boot.ini, or can’t use build numbers larger than 99999 because they limited build numbers to 5 digits, or other features that worked out exactly like everybody expected them to work out (except for CCP).

For the love of New Eden, please display turret tracking as rad per second again.

Thank you kindly for your attention throws sub money at CCP.

Sinchicerely reaches for a beer,


You see, the average gamer of today has various problems with words like scientific and comprehensible. It requires thinking skills and intelligence, neither of which your average gamer of today has a whole lot. If they don’t get hand holding and spoon feeding like a baby, they aren’t going to get very far.

In CCPs effort to “make the game more accessible” (read: Dumb it down to a level that the average idiot of today is capable of grasping), they had to just change this, despite our complaining. Don’t hold your breath on CCP reintroducing this or any other of the other “needless complexity” gameplay.


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