Factors to remove: tracking, velocity


(Alex Dujev) #1

In combat area (pvp and pve) to remove such damage factors as tracking speed of turret (explosion velocity for missile) and velocity of target.

This mechanics not makes combat better but less usable, more ridiculous and laggy. No one use it in combat, I mean no player who through seconds last battle calculate in mind compositions of this factors. Morever it’s impossible to implement due to many factors including natture of game itself (clients-server-clients intercommunication).

It is to stay only with size of weapon (small-middle-large) so damage will be mainly dependent on it. And target’ signature will be slightly interract it.

(QuakeGod) #2

So, you want CCP to dumb the game down even further for those of you who can’t figure out transversals or sig/speed tanking…

(Alex Dujev) #3

I can figure it out. But this is useless.

And this is not dumbing down. This is making better, optimisation. Looks like those who made all this traits for pvp/pve mechanics created a crazy monstrous agglomerate of everything they been able to fantasize.
All this signals multiplicate, stack and intertwist so there are laggs even when there are 50 people in battle area. TiDi not helps. TiDi is weird and disgraceful itself. And it’s not only about lags. This mechanics is such that no one uses it (not because unable but because it’s impossible to do in a appropriate and full-scale manner).

(QuakeGod) #4

Not sure whats so hard to understand here or why they use it. Big, slow things have a harder time hitting small, fast things. Just think of a battleship trying to shoot down a fighter jet, or a 400 lb Sumo wrestler trying to catch a 150 lb MMA fighter. Not gonna happen.

(Do Little) #5

Eve is a game of player skill, not character stats. Tracking speed and velocity allow competently flown frigates to kill battleships 1 on 1.

The fact that player knowledge and skill makes a big difference is what keeps a lot of us logging in.

(unidenify) #6

They already dumb it down when they change it from old stats of 2 number into the single number. And now you want to remove it because you don’t know how to implement this information in your favor?

(Daichi Yamato) #7

If you’re getting lag with 50 people in a fight there is probably something else going on.

The hit calculation of turrets isn’t much of a deal when compared to drones, missiles and aoe effects.

Fast stuff is harder to hit. This is pretty standard.

(Alex Dujev) #8

I not take part in battles anymore. And i know many people who reject to join fleets. Cause people don’t wanna waste their time on weird TiDi gameplay. That is not what we come for and not something i want to spent my evening for. And there are much players else. So there’s no difference already if there is tracking or not.
Many players simply stop to play EVE.

Lags begins there. They are very litle but can be seen.

(Alex Dujev) #9

By the way this is not normal. And this is another reason was for me to thing about changes.

(The Dunning Kruger) #10

The bad players don’t, the good ones do. You want to dumb the game down and remove yet another skill factor just because you lack the skill to make proper use of it.

Yeah, no.

(Wander Prian) #11

One of the main points of Eve is that no ship is useless. Your idea would just force everyone to fly large ships.

(Quelza) #12

My God…you’re actually proposing that CCP streamline mechanics that encourage skillfull gameplay at the smaller scale just to mitigate TiDi in one aspect of the game…


  1. Not gonna happen.

  2. Any tactic used to mitigate TiDi is going to be immediately rendered useless. All that will happen is that more people will pile in, launch fighters and break the game.

(Anderson Geten) #13

We should also remove the different types of damage.
And the different layers of protection

Everybody has 1 skill point, the first who activate his gun win.
Instagib Online.
2H of roam, only to get instashot by a slasher on a gate.

(Agondray) #14

than instead of worry about tracking and all of that, why not restrict a frigates ability to do 600 dps to be separate from a battleships dps like a Rifts normal damage vs mega damage?

(O2 jayjay) #15

I use tracking/res/sig all the time. I dont like the new tracking formula as i have to convert it back to the old way or use an out of game fitter that hasn’t implemented the new tracking code. But i use it all the time and i kill frigs in a battleship, talos, moros all the time. So dont say “no players uses it” im living proof of a player that uses it in every pvp engagement

(O2 jayjay) #16

come kill my hype. your going to lose because drones, grappler, mjd, null, neut, and damn good pilot skills.

(Sere O'Asis) #17

I use these. I think others should have the opportunity to do so as well, so I cannot support your proposal.

(Anderson Geten) #18

I also use angular it in pve.

Though mach has good tracking, small fries still need to be quite aligned.

(Old Pervert) #19

Misread the post. Entirely. New reply below.

You’d never see anyone flying anything smaller than a battleship. They can apply regardless of tracking, so heck fit as big a gun on that bad boy as you want. Sure the sig will matter… but not enough to really matter.

(Alex Dujev) #20

When one say that he uses all this stuff in real battle could he put his palm on his heart and trully admit if he knows and fully understands the formulae connecting tangential and angular velocities.