Factors to remove: tracking, velocity

Nothing bad in this. Battleships are big expensive ships. Why they should loss to frigates? It’s not normal.

People will be flying other ships. Because of budget, purposes, optimisation.

Because having all ships useable allows for more tactics, more variety, allows different sized groups to fight. Otherwise it would always be that the larger blob wins.

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then everyone fly titan because they are most expensive, so why should they lost to sub-cap?

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You should not use tangential velocity, it is useless in the game.

perimeter = 2 * pi * radius. you use derivative over time, perimeter is a distance, 2.pi is an angle
→ tangential = angular*radius

I wont put my hand on my heart, because I don’t want to open my chest. But really, that’s college level.

BUT I show the angular on my overview, and even sort by angular when I want to shoot small things. I know I am that badass, that I can click on the “angular” in a fight.
BTW I also use this when in fight and the FC is not clear on what we should attack. since we use long-range tempest/machs, I sort by angular and select my target. DAKADAKADAKA

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Remember when most ideas in F&I were this bad? I mean, most are still pretty bad, but most now at least have 1 or 2 redeeming factors. It used to be all of them were irredeemably bad from top to bottom like this one.


You do know this is the simplest ■■■■■■■ part of the tracking formula, right?

And yes, I do understand the whole thing. And yes, I do use it. Try actually piloting sometime.

So the guy who spends more on a bigger ship wins? That’s not a game I’d play.

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Remember that time in the Star Wars original trilogy where Luke got killed by that big Rancor?

What a trip! The directors should have known better, everyone knows small stuff can’t outmaneuver big stuff and whittle them down. No suspense whatsoever, big beats little, its a forgone conclusion.

Rock-paper-scissors style balancing makes for better games.

Yes the tracking/angular velocity formula is understandable. It is common to put it on your overview. Though recently ccp screwed it up.

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All the manoeuvres would be having sence if it’d be first person view and control (like Elite Dangerous). But there’s only ‘orbiting’ and ‘moving to’.

Okay, you’re just trolling now. Eve is in no way build for serious first person engagement. If you want that go kindly play another game.


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