Fitting Aid: Artillery

I’ve been out of the game for a while. Years ago, long range weapons were mainly for specific fleet ops and PVE. The tracking was too poor to use in PvP.

Seems like a lot of killmails i’m seeing are using Railguns and Arty.

Whats the deal?

people learned how to fly :slight_smile:

was there a tracking speed buff?

Among other things there is a trick of “looking at” the other ship, rolling around behind it and double clicking ahead of it. When the transversal hits low or 0, pull the trigger. Or scrolled out tactical and watch for when your velocity vector is parallel with theirs. Stuff like that. Burn away and if they follow you, Ooops on their part. Brawler just hits orbit when too far away. Oooops on their part.

I mean, its been a long time since I’ve played. That isnt anything new. They mustve improved tracking somewhere along the way.

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