Weapon tracking question for pvp

If I fly my Executioner or Tormentor in pvp engagements, will “Keep at Range” give my guns better tracking? Or is Orbiting a target better?

Yes, it will. Orbiting will help your tank. Keep at Range = your DPS. You need to balance in every single engagement.


From a basic point of view orbiting will always hurt your tracking but the choice to orbit or not depends on more than just that. You orbit if you hurt the target’s tracking MORE than it would hurt yours, here’s some examples:

  • his guns are bigger than yours. either you’re attacking a cruiser in your frigate or you purposely chose the highest tracking (but lowest dps) option while you suspect him to use the higher dps but lower tracking ones

  • the target uses long range guns while you use short range ones

  • he keeps running MWD while you don’t, so his sig is massive and your guns will hit just fine

  • your ship gets a tracking bonus while his doesn’t, that or you heavily invested into tracking modules or rigs

  • you tracking disrupt the target

  • most/all of your damage doesn’t come from turrets but from drones or missiles

As you can see there are many variables in this and it's not only based on YOUR ship but also very much on the target's. Meaning that there is no easy answer and that any easy blanket statement answer is thus mistaken and misleading you.

I’m not sure signature size is part of the tracking calculation. As I remember target signature is compared to the size of the weapon firing for a seperate calculation, rather than it’s tracking value.

It very much is, target size is a massive part of the tracking formula.

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Yeah you’re right I just re-checked the formulae. Good post.

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