Tracking speed for gal cruisers

Can we please for the love of God drop the fallofc bonuses for the medium weapon platforms for gallente in exchange for the tracking bonuses the small and large turreted ships get. I it doesn’t make sense that the daredevil and vindicator get tracking and the vigilant gets falloff. Same goes for the demos and astarte. There is no reason that the ishtar, phobos, thorax, and eos are the only ships with tracking bonuses.

Tdlr give me a fast rail platform.

Fly safe

The 250 rails on my astarte are a joke. They have 8 tracking compared to about 60 for the Iki gun and 50 for an autocannon that both hit out to 40km. Unless you need the rail’s extra range , they are hopeless.

Thorax is an excellent rail kiter.
Other than that, you are kinda hosed.

If you gonna kite, go minny. Guns have much better tracking.

Why would tracking be important, when you are shooting from a distance? Wouldn’t the distance by itself solve all the tracking issues, including some fancy piloting?

In theory, yes. In practice, also yes, but not as much as you might think.
Stabber is good brawl ship because it can anti-kite, but even a 40km range on Barrage cannot hit (reliably) a fat MWDing shield Garmur moving at 3km/s at 32km.

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