Required Tracking for Battleships (PVE + PVP)

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I had this idea when i compared a Megathron vs Hyperion.
PVP: Why is the Hyperion considered a blaster boat although it has no Tracking bonus? (wouldn’t be the Megathron the better ship / Is the Nano Repair Bonus actually “used” on a PVP Hyperion)

PVE: What average Tracking speed should a Railgun have to apply It’s damage on (L4) PVE Ships at 80 / 50 / 30 km?
(i was thingking if a 350 with damage mods is better than a 425 with tracking mods)

edit: I’d like to point out that these are specific questions i am interested in. “Duh use a Raven” or “L4Zors are better” are not appreciated.

(Quelza) #2

The Hyperion rep bonus (and the lack of a range bonus) implies that it’s neant to fight at ranges where it’ll be taking a lot of damage.

In other words, it’s a brawling ship.

(Donnachadh) #3

There is no such thing as a single tracking speed that will allow your weapons to hit targets in level 4 PvE since tracking speed needed is dependent on the situation. Even a speedy frigate headed directly towards you needs virtually no tracking speed to hit.

Once frigates and other fast ships are in close you will never be able to build enough tracking speed into large turrets of any kind to hit them effectively and even trying means losing damage or damage application against mid sized targets like cruisers or battle cruisers.

So what is a turret pilot like you to do?
Ignoring them and simply tanking the damage is one option.
Micro jump drive to range where tracking is not an issue is another option.
If they are in close and you cannot open range then drones really are the only other option left.

I know you do not want to hear about Ravens etc, but the missile based ships are an option as well and the lack of tracking related issues is one of the primary reason they are among the most popular PvE ships in the game.

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okay well firstly the reason the hype is used is because of its rep bonus
if you put an anc and deadspace repper with a cap booster then you can rep hard in a hype
when it comes to bses in pvp its all about tank thats why the rs is such a good solo boat

secondly blasters have the best tracking of all weapons anyway
but the shortest range
you gotta pick your targets carefully
also hype has an extra high slot so you can fit a gang of hypes with some dirty t1 cloaks
and that is considered dishonorable gameplay

and as for tracking you can use a tracking tool
there is a formula which is to do with the signature of your guns vs the signature radius of the th ship youre shooting
but its not worth getting into
you can find a tool on pyfa or eft which allows you to calculate how easily you can hit a particular target

(Ziza Azetica) #5

Ok thanks for the answers. I might look at eft.

(Anderson Geten) #6

what @Donnachadh said, also if the frigs close the range a combination of small drones+ grappler can be very effective.

grappler multiplies your tracking by up to 5, if you keep the target at range 2km it will usually try to escape so both will go in a straight line, meaning you apply full dmg.

if you are in vindi, T2 or faction web (fed>khanid>T2>other) will give you an awesome 90% speed reduce so tracking*10, at 14 km cold - so better than grappler.

Also note the hybrid blaster ammos have -25% tracking, so goind to CN AM would help.
for railguns, spike has -75% and javelin has +25% so … use javelin when target is close enough.

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