L4 Hyperion Sniper Setup

Good Evening,

I’m wondering if someone could help me with a Level 4 Gallente Mission Hyperion Sniper.

425mm or 350mm?
MJD and tracking computers
One large Repper with Reactive Hardener
Mag stabs

This is what I’m thinking of at moment but is it enough?

Well its a very non ideal boat for this. Doesn’t have a range bonus to begin with. 425 for sure because of more range. But man its a non ideal boat. A Mega or Navy Mega should do a lot better at gun sniping and a Domi will do better and sentry sniping.


Ok so a mega is better for lvl 4 sniping.

The Caldari Rohk would be your sniper dream boat but for now the Megathron should suffice.

Just so you know, railguns aren’t very good at pve but they are not the worst either.
In a ship like the Hyperion you want blaster more than you want railguns but in some situations that can be risky since you have to be close.

Make sure you find a good place to jump to and also make sure your targets are never closer than 20-25km away from you because tracking will be really bad.

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Thankyou. I can use a Rohk too.
I’m just bored of Drones that’s all.

Well if your skills are really good… Blaster Kronos. Null shoots up to 70km lol


Need isk haha :joy:

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