List of raw materials for all manufactured items in game (details in comments)

2021-03-30 08_37_41-2021-01-18 build list.csv

Hey chooms,

I used to do a lot of industry, from mining, reprocessing, reacting, up to final manufacturing. As part of that it always irked me that I couldn’t find a source that broke down each of the items I wanted to build in to it’s raw materials, to help with shopping lists for missing parts.
So I built one.

It’s not overly smart, but I feed it the SDE and it creates a material breakdown for every manufacturable item in the game, down to the last item that can be manufactured, e.g. fuel blocks inputs or minerals. It doesn’t take in to account blueprint ME or any space/structure bonuses, but that just means it’s a little more conservative in the final numbers. This version was created with the updated SDE that CCP provided with the most recent dev blog.

The output of the program is two csv files: output and build list and there’s a picture for each showing a sample of the csv files.

The output csv also shows the price for all the raw materials and the price of the finished item and then makes a factor to show which items I should build that week or so. The pricing part is kinda pointless just now with all the market shifts, and it’s not the focus of what I’m trying to show.

The build list is a list of all the components that have to be built in order to build the final item. This is read from right to left, so you build the furthest to the right, then build in from there to the final item on the left. For the most part, people wanting to use this will know enough to know what components feed in to the next one.

I don’t have time to manufacture much these days so I don’t really get the use and ISK out of this that I once did, so thought I’d offer it up for sale, see if anyone might be interested in this. The package will be a one use download link to the csv files. I will also promise to provide an updated list if the final SDE changes again prior to being released in to the wild.

If you’d like a copy of this, send me a message on here or in-game (Raker Plaude)

Happy building!


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