Data from the game

o/ everyone !

Does somebody knows how to grab from the game :

  • History of FW tiers for each faction
  • History of Victory Points run each month
  • An average price of an item for this month or this month ?

The market APIs we found don’t allow historical research and almost all FW third party tools are down.

Thank a lot for your help. This request is not for myself but to feed data to the Fw Discord discussions. We managed to extract pvp data but not those two.

EDIT : if someone also has a trick for “history of active pvpers” and “kills for each ship class” it would be awesome.

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You might look at Zkillboard for that last bit.

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I did try zkillboard ( and extracted a lot of data) but there is no history for all types of data. For some, the API just gives the current number at the moment of the request.

That’s the zkillboard API :

Seems also Dotlan doesn’t allow to extract data from their website history ( found no API from Dotlan)

EDIT : about FW there is API but it only gives last week victory points. Without external website with its own recorded data, impossible to create historical data.

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Have you reached out to Chribba? He is the God of data…and Veldspar of course. Not sure if he’s ingame much now. (He just got married.)


Zkillboard also has an API that gives data in JSON format, see:

That can give you a list of killID+hash that you could cycle through to collect your data using ESI.

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