I finished up a small project. It visualizes some Faction Warfare data. The data can be also found in-game in the Faction Warfare/Statistics/Militia screen.

Let me know what you think.

:slight_smile: Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:


I love how clean it is. Nice and easy. Cool overview of the big picture. Or would be cool to use it as a health of FW gauge or something like that.

Can you add something like active FW pilots in the last 1/3/7 days?

Also, you could add pirates to the combat metrics? Basically, anyone fighting in FW systems without affiliation.

Nice work so far.



Thx for the comment. I depend on the data from EVE Swagger Interface. So the data you are asking for is hard to get for me.

And it was supposed to be a small project. These projects always take more time than you would expect when you start.

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