Eve news idea

The player summary we got at the end of the year is a nice things to have but obviously it’s some script to pull the data.

So that got me thinking as I was trying to find out how faction warfare was doing within the game and working out who’s friends with who in null at the moment

I find this a lot about Eve if your not involved in a certain part of game play you often have no idea what its about or that it even exist. I’m not talking about guides just data, so a monthly report would summarise for example, FW gains and losses, ships lost, players taking part.
You could do a report on any area of the game like high sec wars, kill rights, structure losses and area, ganking statistics, mining, even report on large fleet activities in null

I’m not talking about supplying players with intelligence either but more of an insight into what’s happening or has happened in eve, if a player is then interested in an area he has some starting points to look at.

Like I said in the format of our players summary.

Could be a tool to Focus players on areas of Eve that are lacking by ccp if they wanted.

This sounds like the kind of thing that players should be putting together.

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