Eve Online Reports - Query

Sorry for newbie question…

Other than using the in-game star-map are there any useful reports or ways to get the following info?

  1. Corp/Alliance sovereignty (How many systems they all own)
  2. Corp/Alliance war progress (How many ISK worth Alliance A destroyed vs Alliance B or corp A vs B)
  3. Militia (Faction Warfare) progress (Who is winning the war? How many systems changed hands today etc… ?)
  4. Best bounty win of the day / or most expensive ship fit lost for the day
  5. Major events/occurrences of the day (Turf war in X system, big structure destroyed somewhere, gathering somewhere etc…)

I’m sure I could think of others but keeping it simple for now.

I feel so lost not knowing what is going on around me and this sort of info (If readily available) would be pretty cool to see, discuss in-game and build a community/competition around or at least allow me to figure out where I stand in the bigger scheme of things depending on my own goals.

Sorry if there are valid reasons why this isn’t available or if I missed that this info is around somewhere. I did stumble on EveNews24 which helps a bit.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Just doing some digging on my own in the meantime…

  1. http://sov.space/ (Shows some general info which helps - but could be better?)
  2. https://zkillboard.com/wars/
  3. http://sov.space/ (Shows some general info which helps - but could be better?)
  4. I suppose you could get this by playing around with zkillboard
  5. EveNews24 is probably the best?

EDIT: I also just discovered the following useful resources…

Let me know if there are better than the above ^ :slight_smile: Pity it isn’t available in-game though and relies on 3rd party it seems.


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Is there any site or application that shows a list of bounties on players without having to go ingame? Seeing as most of this other stuff exists out of game it would just be convenient as well. In theory I could use the bounty list in combination with zkillboard to estimate potential value for a target and their activity ? Then go ingame, counter fit a ship and start hunting :stuck_out_tongue:

@Linus, I have no dev experience so that dev link would be a challenge for me to use. It would probably take me a year to learn lol :stuck_out_tongue: but maybe I will take a look and play around :slight_smile: Pretty cool though.

Bounty hunting in-game is a dead profession. It’s a nice gimmick when kill someone who happens to have a sizeable bounty, but beyond that it’s not worth it to bother. You shouldn’t go out of your way to find worthy bounty targets, that’s really just a waste of your time.

I just want to try it out for fun for a while and see :slight_smile: Not really for the ISK seeing as I’m space poor anyway and that will never change lol. I understand why it is a percentage value of the ship only - This avoids the exploitation of having a friendly pilot kill you and share the bounty which makes no sense if you lose most of what your ship cost overall. Plus it might teach me how to counter fit a ship at the very least.

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