EVEWarReport.com - Create your own War Reports

EVEWarReport.com is a 3rd party website for generating PVP statistics between two sides made up of up to 6 alliances or corporations.

A Basic Report gives kills/loss statistics of each Alliance/Corp and the top ten kills from both the defender and attacker, for up to 2 months time period.

A Full Report also gives details on all characters involved and their kills/loss statistics, their 3 highest used ships, 3 highest kills and losses, and all systems kills have been made in. Time period of up to 1 month.

It works for any time period from the start of 2019.

Examples -

1 month long Full Report for Test Alliance Please Ignore VS Fraternity.

2 month long Basic Report for Test Alliance Please Ignore VS Fraternity.

2 weeks long Full Report for Northern Coalition./Pandemic Horde VS Goonswarm Federation/The Initiative.

2 month long Basic Report for Test/Goon/xXDEADTHXx VS Frat/Horde/NC. for the months of July 2019 and June 2019.

2 month long Basic Report for WE FORM V0LTA VS Goons/Frat/Test/xXDEATHXx/CVA

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Really cool.

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