EVE Lost Item Report (08/18)


Awhile back, I made a thread about a trader report that analyzed the kill mail data in order to summarize the top items lost in high, low, and null security space. I’m back again with a new concept based entirely on faction warfare space such as Black Rise, Devoid, and etc.

Below is a link that will take you to a public Tableau report that I’ve created based on the kill mails from August 2018 for only the regions involved in faction warfare. You will find various charts that will reflect various cuts of the data based on items and ships destroyed or dropped for the specific month.

August 2018 Report


What you can take away from this report is maybe the top modules lost or destroyed per system and region in the FW space. Over time, I suspect more insights on specific builds and certain locations will surface with focuses on charges, drones, and of course modules.


The dataset is composed of a few datasets. The two main ones being the actual kills for the targeted month and the market values. The other datasets consist of data to help describe the data such as module names, solar system names, and so forth.


I plan to update this report and others maybe a couple times a month. This is mainly to give me time to breath as well give some of the data sources time to breath too. I will try to add timestamps to the report to let you know when it was last updated. All additional reports will be created as new reports in my Tableau profile as opposed to growing a single report month-over-month.


Please feel free to provide feedback. I want these to be a living document and always growing. Thus, don’t get too bent on things missing or overlooked. Tell me, I’ll try to add it.


I’m a trader in-game and love ISK. I wanted to build this to not only give back to the community, but also earn some side cash too. If you like the report, please feel free to donate what you think it’s worth to you in the form of ISK to character, Vile Belief


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