Eyes On: a Quick guide to the ships of Eve

With the upcoming changes to Factional Warfare, I’m hopefully expectant of an influx of folks looking to PvP. So with the help of my alliance, A Band Apart, I’ve written Eyes On, a guide to help people get to know the ships of Eve, what they are capable of, how they are often fit… And how to kill them.

Please give a look, as well as any feedback you think would be helpful.

EYES ON: Intro and Index

Remember, this isn’t an E-Uni syllabus, but rather something to help people getting into PvP to understand what they will face.

Fly with chaos and style, friends!


what changes?

other than the permanent -10 status to the opposing factions

Looks to be a full overhaul, and far greater accessibility. I’m stoked, as a filthy lowsec pirate at the least!


Watch the FW roundtable and the keynote on the EVE YouTube channel. They go over a lot of the high level stuff there, they just don’t have a blog out yet. Short version is you aren’t going to have to tank your standings, leave your corp, and deal with bots as much, starting SoonTM this year.

Hah. Good one!

CCP is doing better at botswatting, and with the way the rewards will work with Frontline systems, it should cut down on the worst of the botting. Now if they just remove missions…

Thank you for the guide, I appreciate any new works helping EVE players out.

For feedback, you might want to mention it’s a work in progress at this point. Otherwise people might expect to see a lot more than is currently there.

You may also want to review the excellent work on FW frigates over at

To help decide what information you wish to include in your guide.


The yearbook was actually a lot of the inspiration to this, I just couldn’t find the stable outside link. I’m going to add a resources section SoonTM.

Mm goal on the guide was more to make a quick reference, rather than an in depth handbook. Something people could read while hiding on the toilet at work, then go home, hop in a Tormentor, and not be totally surprised by what slides them. Or in the case of nullsec, someone asks them to bring a tackler, they search it, find what they can fly, and not end up with an AB punisher as their ship of choice.

A “Fits and Tactics” section would probably come in pretty handy, yes. As for ‘Resources’ sections, I’m not sure how may videos may be available that specifically apply, but a few video links to actively show “this is how you do X in ship Y” could be useful.

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Wait is this true? Permanent loss towards the opposing faction?

Just forum doomering. We won’t know anything til the blogs come out. But CCP is moving towards more accessibility, so if anything I’d guess a temp standings modifier as long as you are allied.

That character is a troll who generally spouts complete random, mostly low iq, nonsense. Best to just ignore.

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Looks good. Look forward to more.

You mention that the Tormentor is the only amarr frig to use drones, but I’d class the crucifier (and magnate if someone solo fit it) to use drones.

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I am rather concerned with how it will effect the standings though as I sort of rely on the Caldari & Galante for their Finder Agents.

Thinking the Faction standing would also effect the Agents.

This is a scam.

OP is just trying to sell magnates.

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Damn, you saw through me! Watch for my new ad for HERONS, coming SoonTM!

As someone who’s beein saying “i’ll get into solo PVP” for the past 10 years, this type of good content is something i’m always interested in seeing.

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Solo is fun. You’ll lose ships, but you can always learn something, and if you fly cheap to start, it’s a great way to learn skills.

You’ll never forget the first time you get the shakes because you just won a 1v1 with 1% hull left. Not the first time… Not the twentieth either.

If you’d ever like to practice and get advice, I fly with A Band Apart, and there’s usually one of us in Ouelletta who will take a duel. We always honor 1v1s, and are a pretty helpful bunch for a dirty gang of pirates!


they have said they truly want you to choose a side, but they also said alot more, like alot of the updates will come through story arcs driven out of Faction Warfare

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