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The in-game ship simulator UI is super useful and is hard to say how many millions of player’s hours it saved overall in long term perspective. My favorite options there are “Save As…”, “Fit Ship”, “Import & Export”, “Save Fit”. After a ship is lost it’s enough to dock at a trading hub, open that window and click “Buy Fit”, without the requirement to dive into huge market “tree-style” item menu.

The function “Import & Export” can be improved.

It should be great to make a well formatted forum UI-tool object, like current text editors or Build Poll object, with “Import” and “Export” buttons. The “Import/Update” button should be available to the owner of Thread or Topic (like current Like and Redo icons). The “Export” button should be available to everyone. The “Export” button should copy the ship fitting protocol to clipboard with the ability to import that to in game ship simulation UI, through “Import & Export”, like it works currently by Select+Copy fitting text on page.

It will be nice to add item icons before item text and after clicking on any item text string or icon it should open an Ajax-popup window like to in-game “Info” one, including all tabs. At the bottom of fitting UI-tool should be displayed the DPS, EHP, required PG/CPU, Speed, Align Time and Price of this fit (calculated based on DB-data or by filling special form fields into UI-tool). The main problem of item icons and their descriptions – they require a DB, which should be time to time updated.

New format:

  1. [icon] Low [price].
  2. [icon] Mid [price].
  3. [icon] High [price].
  4. [icon] Rigs [price].
  5. [icon] Drones [price].
  6. DPS, EHP, Cap, Price.
  7. PG/CPU. [into dropdown menu].
  8. Speed, Align Time. [into dropdown menu].
  9. Oriented Mastery level requirements [into dropdown menu].

Any other suggestions about it?

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