Cordite Blossom skins (Bulk)

Selling my Cordite Blossom skins in bulk

Brutix Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent) 10
Hurricane Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent) 20
Punisher Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent) 20
Zealot Cordite Blossom SKIN (Permanent) 10

28bil for all, ( i dont sell them seperate)

This skins are Limited, and wont be sold again

bump long time investers… look this way

Still selling them, the longer I hold them, the more value they get. Will increase isk accordingly.

Will always be 10%cheaper than market, but you can’t get hands on the numbers I’m selling for this price.

Alot more players are joining finally, but I need isk for another investment now.

still selling

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