What should i do with my 300 cordite blossom skins

I have about 320 cordite blossom ship skins that i dont know What to do with. The fact that this skins will be extreamly rare, if not already, i am thinking of making a eve movie when I just trash them. This way they are then even more rare. If I don’t got the wrong information it only sold about 600 of them total. ( correct me if I’m wrong). But this question haunts me… about what to do. What would you guys do in my situation?.

Throw them in a container in an arcane station and forget about them for a couple of years.

Although destroying them also has some appeal.


Trash them on the test server -> profit.

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Ah… didn’t get that at first… but ye thats not to bad idea… other ideas I got is just hauling them around until someone blow me up… would be a nice killmail.

Well I got many ideas but could use some more ideas.

Do you need the attention?]

Attention is what I live for in eve.

Says the dude who makes absurd contracts showing his AT ship collection off :slight_smile:


Why’d you buy them in the first place?

I hade some isk over and liked them. But not sure why I bought so many.

Investment? I myself have 4.5 trillion worth of NES skins. I’ll probably be selling until the servers close.

Yea that’s a bit more than what I got in trade… only 1.4 tril… lol. Good work zahara

Yea well can’t have enugh of them.

So what would be a fun thing to do?

I’ll take it for free.

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Does not sound so fun

If you can spare one or two it would be great!! It’s fun to help out new players! ^^

You could help sponsor one of the upcoming player run tournaments! Donating unique skins to a prize pool of a player run endeavor is a lot cooler than trashing them IMO, and helps the Eve ecosystem/community out as well!

In addition, it’d be good advertising/marketing if you have any other market endeavors that you are trying to push.

If you’re interested in doing something like that, let me know! There is an Eve streamer putting together a tournament that could help fill the void left from the AT; and I know he’d love to expand his prize pool to get as many people interested and participating as possible!

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Yes, i could spare a few for that purpose. That’s a nice thing to do. Thank you for that Idea. Davak

Just found this thread.

You could give one of each SKIN to me to be nice and earn my appreciation.

Please and thank you either way.

Hope you find something awesome to do with the rest