Auction: Cordite Blossom Skin Set. Ends 9/15 00:00 EVE TIME


Up for auction is a sold out set of Cordite Blossom Skins.

This Auction includes all 8 Skins. One of Each.

Items are located in Jita. For an additional 250m Isk on top of the winning bid, this item can be moved to almost any high/low sec system.*

Auction Details:
Start Bid: 1 Million ISK
Minimum Bid Increments: 10 Million ISK
Reserve: No Reserve
Sniper Rule: 10 Minutes
Buy Out: 10Bil (Buyout includes free delivery)
End Date: Saturday Sept 15th @ 00:00 Eve Time. (16th Eve-Time)

These items are sold out, they did not last long in the NES Store.

Thanks for looking, Good Luck!

Faceless Solider Man

500mil to start you off.

are this the pink skins for mining barges,exhumer and capital industrial ships?

@Moruk_Lap_Lamiz These are the skins for the memorial of CCP mankiller. These skins were only available 24 hrs.

1.5 bill

1.75b bid

1.8 Bil bid

2 bill

2.1b bid

sold to Dori Long for 2.1 billion ISK.

contract up.

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