Auction: Cordite Blossom Skin Set. Ends 9/15 00:00 EVE TIME

(Infantry) #1


Up for auction is a sold out set of Cordite Blossom Skins.

This Auction includes all 8 Skins. One of Each.

Items are located in Jita. For an additional 250m Isk on top of the winning bid, this item can be moved to almost any high/low sec system.*

Auction Details:
Start Bid: 1 Million ISK
Minimum Bid Increments: 10 Million ISK
Reserve: No Reserve
Sniper Rule: 10 Minutes
Buy Out: 10Bil (Buyout includes free delivery)
End Date: Saturday Sept 15th @ 00:00 Eve Time. (16th Eve-Time)

These items are sold out, they did not last long in the NES Store.

Thanks for looking, Good Luck!

Faceless Solider Man

(Dori Long) #2

500mil to start you off.

(Moruk Lap Lamiz) #3

are this the pink skins for mining barges,exhumer and capital industrial ships?

(Geo Eclipse Oksaras) #4

@Moruk_Lap_Lamiz These are the skins for the memorial of CCP mankiller. These skins were only available 24 hrs.

(Alocose) #6

1.5 bill

(Dori Long) #7

1.75b bid

(Tisha Kurvora) #8

1.8 Bil bid

(Alocose) #9

2 bill

(Dori Long) #10

2.1b bid

(Infantry) #11

sold to Dori Long for 2.1 billion ISK.

contract up.

(system) #12

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