Corp application: Claymore/Damnation Pilot + Covert Ops Prober. 55M SP


I started as a Covert Ops Prober, now with full scanning skills and have now developed into a Command Ship Pilot. I am looking for a Corp that also appreciates a pilot who only flies small ships:

Cheetah/Hound with full scanning skills and Covert Cyno





55M SP

My first language is German, but I am looking for an English-speaking Corp to keep my English up to date, US TZ welcome.

What do I offer a Corp:

Solid Shield/Armor/Skirmish Support with Command Destroyers and Command Ships. Full Fleet Support Skills(All 5) ready by the end of the year. Covert Ops work.

What do I expect from a corp:
Logistics for Command Ship Hulls
Reimbursement of Command Ship Hulls in official Fleet Ops including pod.

Discord available.

If you are interested, please send me an in-game email.

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We might fit the bill.

WH is also an option and NPC 0.0.