[EUTZ] pilot LF small to mid scale focused PvP corp

I’ll bring :

  • 370m+ SP over multiple accounts
  • Dread pilot
  • Fax pilot
  • SC pilot

LF :

  • Small to midscale PvP group
  • No massive blob (Panfam, Goon, basically if you can’t make a fleet without bringing your whole family, your friends, their family…don’t waste your time
  • My one and only goal is PvP, that’s what I expect from my corp
  • Pref low sec based, can be NS / NS sov if sov is here to provide PvP content

Vouch for Daedalus Page. He’s a bro

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We might fit the bill

Eclipse Strike Unit

Looking for a PvP wormhole group with the best of both worlds, Eclipse is looking for PvP pilots to join our new Corp that will provide NS & Wormhole Action, form a C2 C5/NS hole.

We are looking to grow and become a competing corp within wormhole space, We are casual eve players where RL comes first.

Talk to any of our Recruitment team.

Join in-game channel Eclipse Recruits

what we Provide :

**PvP **
**Experienced Fcing **
Black Ops
PvE Make Isk

what we want :
EU/US Pilots
**A willingness to learn **
provide knowledge and be keen to fly as a group
Discord coms with a working mic
**min omega Account **

Join Discord: Eclipse Strike Unit

Still haven’t found a new home.

Still looking for a corp / group to join.

Look no further, we’re fighting the blob frequently with a metric fuckton of content.

Recent AAR: Reddit - Dive into anything
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Hey bro, im the CEO of Legion Ascending, sov-null corp in the Gentlemen’s Club alliance. We are pvp/indy based and focus on our members. all members have a say in the future of the corp. We have plenty of small gang pvp to offer and some larger alliance fleets to top it off. PAPs are not required. Plenty of money and ships to blow up, so come chat with us and see what you think.