Corp for a returning capsuleer?

Hi guys.

So I’ve been away from the game for quite a lot. And now I’m back. I’m omega and have all the Caldari L4 mission ships and skills.

What would be a good Corp to join? I’m looking at getting back into the game, re-learning the controls and easing my transition into the game again.

I’m looking for a supportive and helpful Corp, maybe focused on mission running or other PVE activities that don’t demand too much time.

Any suggestions? I’m open to all offers (please don’t charge too much taxes lol)

email sent

my suggestion would be to post in the correct section of this forum Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

rather than here

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If you want just ping me… i can bridge you many aliance and corp leaders who are active in null, HS, Losec, Wh… they all good people i have cooperate in the past while i have been helping new pilots in. To PvP … they are al solid personalities, old and rooted corps in different sizes , from indy to PvP very large spectrum of game play styles …
Please consider that i am not standing up here for my own corp or such. I just offer you some good connections and chance to meet some supportive and constructive people

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Check out we are/are not a “corp” but more like a service (think red frog or push x)

We do help guide others into pve, but our main focus is raising faction/Corp standings for other pilots.

Feel free to come chat with us and we can take you in and help you get settled in with a lot of the changes that’s been made while you were away.

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