Corp is looking for a alliance to join

SONY M.I.T. is looking for a alliance to join.

We are industry oriented corp., looking for a relaxed type alliance to get us in 0.0 sec.
No endless CTA’s pleas.
We like to do things semi-afk.
We are real life working ppl that got only shor time for EVE.
Specializing in capital and sub-capital ship manufacturing. PVE, BPC printing.
We are ex. Providence residents that got kicked out from home by invasion a year or so ago.
Preferred location Prividence or close to it.

Public channel - SMIT

C.E.O. David Sony

Popped you an Evemail, feel free to reach to me.

here is our corp/alliance post, take a look!

Its a bit far from provi but gives plenty of space for assorted ratting and mining close to Jita hub

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Sending you and in-game mail, but also check out our forum post [L0G0F] Recruiting Corps for Sov Null Sec, All Time Zones - #71 by Doctor_Chuckles

Hi David,
Interesting advert and i hope you guys find something suitable. I am recruiter for the Red Menance Coalition and we accept full corps into the WR0NG alliance. There would be no renting or anything, anyone who joins becomes part of the family. I myself work full time with 3 kids and I absolutely would not be asking you to join if i did not think we were suitable.

Your capital building is interesting, we have a full super/sub cap fleet and an active market for further caps as well as keepstars and Sotiyos.

In terms of what we have to offer, we have the entirely of Impass to ourselves and are expanding into nearby systems to. We do have frequent CTA’s per day but they are all entirely optional, no-one will ever push you to join but they are there if you want to.

I’d be interested in having a chat with you, here is our light hearted add with a link to a private discord - RMC is providing stray dogs, cats and half eaten bats a forever home

I’ve also dropped you an in game mail.

Best of Luck,


≡v≡ We Are Looking For Active Corps
≡v≡ Be You Own Player
≡v≡ We are RECALL Alliance
≡v≡ Allliance Fittings/Logistics
≡v≡ Alliance/Corp Discord
≡v≡ Eng Speaking Alliance
≡v≡ EU/US Time Zone
≡v≡ Pure Blind Null Sec/High Sec Access
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≡v≡ Map: Pure Blind - DOTLAN :: EveMaps

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