Corp like Thukker in Amarr space

Does only one know of a Corp like Thukker but in Amarr space. Ive run for Thukker and the do a very nice line in shields extenders but with no tags requirement. Ive had a look through on fuzzworks but cant find anything. Am I missing it or does one not exist?

There aren’t any other corps quite like Thukker. Try Sisters of Eve (Although that is mostly in Gallente space, I think.)

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(Highsec) Sisters of EVE Level 4 Security Agents are in Apanake (Genesis, Amarr), Osmon (The Forge, Caldari) and Lanngisi (Metropolis, Minmatar).

And while SoE LP are of good value, high market volume and high stability, those 3 systems are among the largest mission hubs in the game - and whereever there are multiple mission runners in the same spot, there are gankers.

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Thukker Tribe is unique, both in Lore and in LP items…

The shield extenders are definitely a top item along with a few other items in their LP store.

Thukker Tribe agents located nearest to Amarr would be in Derelik Region, Ammatar space. Other locations are Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Great Wildlands and Syndicate Regions.[]=500015&regions[]=&solarsystem=[]=500015&sortfield=none&ascdesc=asc&page=1

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