Thukker Mix Missions

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Given their excellent LP returns, why don’t more people seem to be running Thukker Mix missions and run the SOE missions instead?


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Hard to say. SOE LP was incredibly valuable back in 2014 when I was running the missions and I guess that perception persists even though the market is now well supplied with their unique products. Looks like Thukker LP is worth about 1000 ISK/LP more than SOE for faction modules and Nomad implants but there are 6 times as many jumps/hour in Nakugard as there are in Freatlidur!

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Maybe because when you gain Faction standing with Thukker Tribe, you incur negative standing hits with all other Factions except Minmatar Republic.

You can still run regular missions and collect LP’s, just don’t make the same mistake I did and do the Storyline missions. I ran Thukker missions for LP’s back in 2009 & 2010 to get Thukker Shield Extenders, they were a very hot selling Market item, this was before Republic Fleet Shield Extenders hit the Market.

Thukker Shield Extenders are great, their Signature Radius is just a tad lower than Republic Fleet Extenders. I don’t know how fast Thukker Extenders sell in the Market now, I just figured most people wouldn’t pay an exorbitant price for them when Republic Fleet Extenders are so cheap.

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The problem is with standing grind… L4 agent in altrinur is nice, but getting to it is different story - you choose between L3 agent near teonosude (huge ass systems all over the place with quite a few systems in constellation being low sec) or one in Ardar (low sec). Pick your poison.

Thukker don’t really have any good agents in highsec.

  • Two Trust Partners agents in the Teonusude area that will send you to lowsec 2/3’s of the time (and all the surrounding systems are 100au warps).

  • Two Thukker Mix agents in 0.8 space that payout ~40% less than the 0.5 SOE agents.

Not to mention most people have already ruined their faction with them, and even if you haven’t it’s still a sucky grind as noted above.

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I found it pretty easy to build up standings and LP’s with Thukker Tribe, especially with high Social skills. The high sec area of Derelik Region has a good amount of Thukker Tribe agents to work for.

Thukker Mix has one agent each = lv 2, lv 3, lv 4 and a Storyline Agent, all located within two stations a couple of jumps from each other.

Trust Partners is a little more spread out with 3x lv 1, 4x lv 2, 1x lv 3 and 3x Storyline.

This, and the reasons explained.

I would add that freatlidur can send you up to todrir or gedugau , so 12 j in total ( )
And altrinur can lead to aderkan, todrir, go in low sec, etc so even worse. ( )

Then the teonusude/gelfiven missions will lead you half the standard missions in lowsec( actually 3 times out of 7 ) ; and for burners they will go 3 constels out of 5 in LS.
So you can’t blitz them (because you need to do non-blitzable missions) and you can’t burner them (and not worth )

On the opposite, lanngisi being close to a trade hub, this reduces a lot the trips required so all missions are in the very close proximity. Also one single neighbor constel and lowest truesec of HS makes it … well best system.

Don’t listen to DMC’s useless blaberring, he’s completely off as usual.

I have +9.9988 standing with Thukker Mix and like I said earlier, for a close grouping of Thukker Agents located in High Sec, check out Derelik Region. There’s a total of 11 regular Agents and 4 Storyline Agents all located within half a dozen jumps from each other. Most of those are Distribution Agents and their close proximity to each other makes it very easy to quickly gain standing or LP’s.

Don’t bother listening to Anderson Geten’s bullsh*t remarks, that fool was telling players they can gain derived positive standing with Pirate Factions by gaining standing with Thukker.

Argument posts deleted. Stop taking petty shots at each other for not agreeing about simple game mechanics. Post your take on the topic and move on.

If you can’t keep it civil I will have to issue bans and none of us want that.


Holy cow.

Not true. Payout difference is 30%. But thukker mix lp is worth far more than SOE (mostly 'cuz of number of people farming SOE). I can’t comment on geography of Altrinur area, for it is hard to beat high connectivity of Ani constellation.

What? Those systems you mentioned are outside Fraetlidur/Altrinur constellations… if that is indeed the case then no point in grinding standings… unless they can send you to neighboring constellations…

I am not commenting on Teonusude area as it is crap area in general - with too many 100AU+ systems nearby, not to mention Teonusude itself, with all the nearby lowsec.

Not to mention there is also L4 agent in barkrik (join harvesting, 0.6) and Nakugard (Krusual).

They can. Several missions have a constellation range (some anti empire, dread pirate scarlet, and others…)

Curious… so far all missions from Krusual in Nakugard sent me no further than 1 jump away (there may have been one 2 jumps away, although still in Ani const). It may have been due to doing mostly anti-empire missions :stuck_out_tongue:

Bei, Hek, ragnar, hagilur, agner are one constellation jump away .

I’ve had missions going there from lanngisi, nakugard and barkrik.

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