Ten minutes in an alpha clone. Question inside

I have 60 million SP and i normally run nullsec thukker missions. I came online today and i was in alpha as my account had lapsed. I could still use my Battleship and my mods. But i went from a 10.00 standing to -2.3 and i could not get a mission. Changed back to Omiga and im right back up to 10.00.

Is there any reason for this? and what are the mechanics involved?

Thanks for your help

You lose Diplomacy and some other social standings that would affect certain things but from 10 down to -2.3 isnt possible through any of the standings calculations from skills alone. That seems excessive. Also if you are under -2 with a faction, corp or agent you are limited to Level 1 agents only as well as their storylines to repair your standings the long way. You can also use the Epic Arcs or if someone has the link to the ‘Standings Repair Plan’ thread in the old forums ( or google it) you can use that as well for a bit faster boost.

Other than this Id suggest a ticket to the GMs for confirmation. But itll be the loss of standings due to skills thatll still be the heart of the issue here.


You are likely +10 to the AGENT you are running for but your faction or corp standings likely kicked in resulting in the -2.3 which limits you to level 1 agents alone until you get back above -2.0.

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Here is some extra information.

I run trust brothers level 4 missions but i dont do the storyline mission which you get every 16 missions. I have 10.00 with this agent. But overall i have a -2.3 with the Thukker faction overall.

I turn down the Storyline missions as i build and sell a lot of stuff in Amarr

Its your -2.3 with the Thukker faction thats the issue, it overrides the agent or corp. Corp overrides agent. You likely have Diplomacy L4 or L5 correct? That raised your Thukker Faction from -2.3 to -1.9 or higher as Omega, when you dropped to Alpha you lost those levels and dropped to L3 Diplomacy which made you -2.3 which is under the -2.0 threshold cut off for running anything but L1s.

When you gained Omega you got that level(s) back again and could run like normal again.

Beware the Alpha skill cutoffs!!:ghost:

Theyll get you every time. :smiling_imp:



Damn… my first business in this game was LP stores and faction standings…


  • Subscribe to Omega and perform a couple of Thukker Faction storyline missions to get above -2.0. This will unlock your corporation/agent reputation and their available missions under future Alpha account. If your standing is between +3.0 / -3.0, you’ll stack good Thukker standing points in two or three storyline missions. This will not hurt your Amarr reputation significantly, but you’ll lose much more standings to Ammatar Mandate. The standings increasing or decreasing slowly outside of the mentioned interval.

  • You can increase the current Thukker standing by doing storyline missions for Minmatar. This is a hard path, because you’ll stack reputation towards Thukker through inter-faction relationship. Relationship between Minmatar and Thukker is 4.0 (40%) which will require at least two times more storyline missions to be performed. But this can be done under Alpha sub without any Social skills.

Thanks for this. This explains some things with standings that I never quite grasped before. Clear explanation of the mechanics.

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