Corporate Overlords now recruiting!

Are you sick of working in a beginner corp with insane tax rates?

Are you grinding your tail off for a private corp thats no more than a sweatshop so the owner can profit?

Is your corp leadership constantly absent?

JOIN US! We are a new corp with plenty of opportunities for old or new pilots. Basically looking to restart a well rounded company again, looking for mission runners, miners, manufacturers,PvPers, etc… Everyone is welcome regardless of experience level. Right now we will be operating in highsec space and moving to low/null as the membership and financial situation dictates.
Make sure to tell us a little about yourself in the application, what you are looking for from the corp and what you prefer to do while playing :slight_smile:

Current positions to be filled

  • Recruiting Officers
  • Mining Director
  • Logistics Director
  • PvE Mission Commander
  • PvP Fleet Commander

Contact “Ore Sloot” or “Asteroid Reaper PJR” for more info or to join!

heres the lunch bump for the day :slight_smile: Still looking for chill folks :slight_smile:

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