Corporation 1 [C.ONE] A different corp looking for new and old players...UK/EU/US TZ

Over 50 members in multiple TZ.
Looking for a something different?


Is it the weekend again?
More fun ops :slight_smile:


60 active members and growing in almost all TZ!

We would love you to be a part of our story!


Also looking for APAC/AUS/NZ players !

I am blue dabidi babuda!

Still recruiting pilots to fly in fun fleets, let it be trig PVE, PVP, mining.

i sent a mail to your GM but im interested in joining i could not find the corp on the recruitment page about 1 billion other corps with Corporation 1 in the name lol

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@Venem_B_Zugz Theres only one Corporation 1 :slight_smile: Im on it…
70 member and rising, looking for all TZ!


Hi there, I’m a laid back newbie (EU timezone) looking for a alpha friendly corp with room and advice for miners/industrialists. I tried to scout Bittanshal from Kor-Azor where I’m currently located, but all the ways in are blocked by the Triglavian invasion… That kind of trouble doesn’t sound good for my wee little frigate now. So what’s going on with these Trigs, is war raging in your neighborhood?

@Ylanah_Stoner Most Triglavian systems are actually relatively safe to travel through. Only the ones that have gone to Final Liminality are especially dangerous for your wee little frigate.

Of course, any low or null security systems on the way are also dangerous, and some of them may as well be Triglavian systems, but that’s besides the point :wink:

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The corp is growing strong, come join us and have fun !

i am looking for a corp to join

@jaydon, welcome aboard!


Corporation 1 is the place for you if you’re looking for an active corp that feels more like a group of friends than military service. Only join if you want to have fun in game !

where do i go to join? ty :slight_smile:

@kegsta, Bittanshal M9 Creodron - See you there!


Were recruiting!

Looking for an alliance? LOOK NO MORE!!!

The Trailer Park’s Finest & Worst

Currently Living in Cache

Alliance Ceo: Madwack Kring Recruiter/Diplo Contact

Now recruiting corps and players for nullsec life.

Diplo/Recruitment Channel: TPI.Diplo

You can also contact Widget#7077 on discord :smiley:

Over 80 members now and growing fast. Come and be part of something that you can shape and will grow with you

Thinking of joining a corp with new players and veterans and joining activities ranging from PVE/mining to PVP ? Don’t look further, we’ll be happy to have you ! Apply or ping us in-game and we’ll be happy to have you.

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