Corporation 1 [C.ONE] A different corp looking for new and old players...UK/EU/US TZ

Are you guys still active?

We’re always looking for new members, regardless of experience or skill level with the game. Feel free to get in touch with myself or anyone else in Corporation One.

o7, Arlena

We have grown, munched on a lot of content, and are still hungry for more!

Find us in the game! <3

We are still exploring New Eden…join us in game today!

So…we still have our probes out!
Find us in system Bittanshal ingame or send me a mail!

I posted this a just few moments ago before i saw your post . I think you may be what im looking for. Check my pos tand see if you think so. Looking for a Nice Friendly Corp.

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Send us an ingame mail and application, i read your post i think you will fit in well.


Hey there. I’m a returning player. Been on and off since 2010 9mil sp US eastern time zone

I still consider myself a new player. There’s so much to learn. But I find myself bored not sure what to do and no one to play with. I’d really be interested in being a part of something bigger and learn more

You guys seem pretty laid back which is what I’m looking for

Are you still recruiting?

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Sent an in game mail to you :slight_smile:

We certinaly are @Felix_Isimazu. Send me an ingame mail!


Were still here…are you looking for an active, no pressure community?

Just sent you an in game mail

Its a good time to Join!..

We are still on the looooooookout :slight_smile:

Is this Corp still recruiting


Looking for old and new players!

We dont just bump at weekends!