Welcome to the world of sadomasochistic shenanigans

Greetings Capsuleers,

We are small tight knit outfit that enjoy other peoples suffering, wailing, and gnashing of the teeth. We assist and conduct wars so enjoy the chase, harassment, and belittlement of our targets, along with depriving them of structures they like to keep warm in of a cold winters night.

We expect our members to be self sufficient, even though that said we do supply doctrine ships where appropriate. We also during our “downtime” grind a little with a VERY close community that we have alts with.

We do accept newbros, but you got’s to have some skillz bois, so set the minimum at 2 Mil.

So if you want to PvP, by way of small gang, piracy, war target hunts, low/null/wh roams, ganks, camps, and all other nefarious pew pew means, maybe we are for you.

Hit up a recruiter either chat or mail, maybe throw in a Prostitute and we are cooking on gas.

Chat soon.

Bump me baby one more time!

Tis a bump


War! Blood!

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