Gankers and the other ankers required

Seeking those that enjoy the odd gank of a barge, exhumer, or even orca (when I say odd I mean prolific), and that enjoys the odd foray into lowsec/nullsec/or even WH’s to come join us rowdy bunch to shoot the shi… brown stuff on comms and enjoy yourselves.

You should be self sufficient ISK wise, capable of operating on your own initiative, ready and able to join fleets, and be a people person. Well when I say people person you know the psychopathic and sociopathic kind. At least in New Eden.

Join our “Capsuleers on Crack” in game public chat channel to either find out more or just berate us we don’t mind we thrive on constructive criticism.

Also soon to be offering public fleets for mass ganking expeditions, watch our public chat for info.

o/ heyaaa

Degenerate LF no strings attached BB style gameplay… :eggplant: :sweat_drops:

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come and join !!

Not only degenerate also drunken debauchery, LF mindset with much summer luvin come join us.


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