Clique of griefers recruiting more for Piracy & Terrorism

Attention to any shitposters looking for a place that truly feels like home, we are in need of your services.

Come join the Rancer Customs Control Group and be apart of the special beautiful experience of ruining peoples freshly bought ships, blingy pods, mission running ships, and more.

Come and experience a genuinely fun and exciting environment with a lot of content that is steady and when traffic is low, we go on the hunt in High Sec.

We are not a serious face corporation and alliance. We have a very NSFW comms, very offensive and definitely not something for all players.

We offer what many corps do not; a fun enviorment with seemingly endless content to keel you engaged and in fleets with your friends.

You will not be relegated to do PVE, or go mining, even if you are a brand new alpha, come over here and we’ll get you started and set up immediately to take part in our reindeer games.

Our activities:

  1. Daily gate camps with high traffic for hours every day
  2. High sec ganks in our surrounding systems (2 jumps from a major trade hub)
  3. Small fleets for forcing content on timers
  4. Small smart bombing groups during the late night player base combined with high sec ganks at night.

Message me in game through the mail, or apply to our corp/alliance in game.

Here is our Zkillboard:

Come and be the ISIS of New Eden with us my brothers and sisters.

Allahu Akbar. Islam is peace.

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This man is so right!

Come join the good pirates

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As someone with limited playtime would this be a reasonable place to join? I am unable to stick to many corps schedules due to my own work schedule.

I sent you a mail boss, we definitely could be what you’re looking for.


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Nice to see you Miko,

i’m thinking of moving back to Sinq soon, could there be an opening for me :slight_smile:

Fairly certain he would, he’s taking his sweet ass time to respond on discord.

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I’m a slow with my reply but Bruce you are welcome old friend

Yes Bruce join up!

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Up up we go

Like a star reborn through the aids of the cancer