ISINE [G.HAD] is recruiting all Pirates/Terrorist for low sec griefing/PVP

Islamic State in New Eden is happy to announce that we are in open recruitment for any players interested in low sec griefing and PVP. We do not do any PVE what-so-ever, fullstop.

Disclaimer: Our corp name is a joke due to the fact that we are criminals, and we are terrorists in game, it is a parody name based off a real life entity, but to be absolutely clear we do not in any shape or form endorse or have any affiliations with any entities in the real world that have a similar name. Our name mocks only an entity and not a person or religion of any kind.


We are primarily recruiting people who are in the Late US TZ, And the AU/EU TZ, we have no ambitions to go outside of the hours of 0400-2200 EVE time.

We are very laid back and have a great time together, most our fleets consists of gate camps, smart bombs, highsec ganks and minor size roams.

We do have other options available to us being one jump from Nullsec and the locals that we have good standing with allow us to do a large variety of other things if we so wish to be involved.

Our corp is defined by having fun and enjoying each others company while making good kills and laughing about the invasion of oversea pilots in RU/CN timezone. We do not care what our kill board looks like so long as everyone is having a good time.

We are newbro friendly, we are not elite and we are very offensive with a very dark and vile sense of humor.

Our Kill board:

Please mail me in game or contact me on discord @Apollexis#0930

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You want may consider to rename your Corp as it does insinuate a IRL religion group. This is probably why your last thread got closed. IRL politics and religion is a NO GO in EVE.

Wow you like the freedom of speech dont you?

Skill urself and lots of other corps insinuate a lot of things that are certainly against tos, but no one feels they are explicitly going too far, even groups like Pen Is Out don’t deal with this stuff.

I feel I really went out of our way room express its not that, even so there are 12 other corps with similar names to ours, why is it okay in game but not on forums even when we put so many disclaimers and context to avoid any misleading, even not putting the name of our group in the title?

Eve is the only game where I’ve ever been able to do anything I wanted. As long as we don’t support or endorse harassment and violence, and don’t promote bigotry, I don’t see why a dark humor name is unacceptable.

I’m sure there’s plenty of subtle references to many other abrasive names in the game. Ours at least has relevance to our characters who are all -10 and live outside of empire space.

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Humorous names are fine to a certain extend, yours however has/contains the exact same name as what many countries consider an extremist religious group.

even with you disclaimer some may very well still get the wrong idea and may see it as “that” group’s attempt to recruit new “warriors” for their cause.

So you’re saying that if I misspelled it or made the name more subtle in its point blank appearance that I would deal with less of a hassle about it?

If yes, is there a way I can actually rename it and retain our kill board?


Nope, only way to do is close current and make new.

Ah I see. I’ll have to think that over but thank you for the help. If we get genuinely reported feel free to close my post and we will just recruit in game for the time being. Thank you again.


You can’t rename a corp.


To play devil advocate, Islamic State could mean anything, it doesn’t have anything to do with IRL ISIL, ISIS or DAESH which have a different and broader definition. Don’t confuse them, also most groups associated with these ideologies are separate entities.

Hell, you could argue that SniggWaffle is highly similar to schutzstaffel, the best part is their logo is a lightning bolt which looks like an Amanen rune like SS insigna.

Bump for the after life

To add what Sakimura said, I would recommend closing and starting a new corp.

Both of your recruitment threads have had off topic replies because of the name of your corp and how
it resembles a RL terrorist organization. The name also is against the naming policy as well (or at least close to it), despite being a ‘parody’ corp. IRL politics and religion do not fit in Eve.


b. In-game names may not:

  • Reflect, glorify or emulate any real-world group or organization, terrorist society, criminal elements, discriminating organizations or their leaders and figureheads. This includes the use of names of real-world military, political or religious groups.
  • In-game names include, but are not limited to: Character names, corporation names, alliance names and any other player-nameable item or entity within the game world.