ISINE [G.HAD] is recruiting all Pirates/Terrorist for low sec griefing/PVP

Islamic State in New Eden is happy to announce that we are in open recruitment for any players interested in low sec griefing and PVP. We do not do any PVE what-so-ever, fullstop.

Disclaimer to our name: Our name is a joke due to the fact that we are criminals and terrorist in game, it is a parody name based off a real life entity, but to be absolutely clear we do not in any shape or form endorse or have any affiliations with any entities in the real world that have a similar name. Our name mocks only an entity and not a person or religion of any kind.


We are primarily recruiting people who are in the Late US TZ, And the AU/EU TZ, we have no ambitions to go outside of the hours of 0400-2200 EVE time.

We are very laid back and have a great time together, most our fleets consists of gate camps, smart bombs, highsec ganks and minor size roams.

We do have other options available to us being one jump from Nullsec and the locals that we have good standing with allow us to do a large variety of other things if we so wish to be involved.

Our corp is defined by having fun and enjoying each others company while making good kills and laughing about the invasion of China pilots during our prime time.

We are newbro friendly, we are not elite and we are very offensive with a very dark and vile sense of humor.

Our Kill board:

That being said I say to you all, Allahu Akbar and we hope to hear from you in game.


Bumping post up

Nice gate camp

Thank you kind sir. God himself watches over us.

Bumping up

Up up we go

Another one for my late us TZ brothers

You’re a bloody disgrace, how can you think that this is a good idea , these terroists beheaded many of our country’s citizens and you think it’s cool to make a Corp with their name in it ??

You sir are a bloody moron

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CEO named Isaac (Biblical character) and runs ISIS corp in EVE. LOL

Yeah, I do think humor is subjective. What a cruel world we live in where we can’t dictate what is and isn’t funny.

we bump up our powers

only a brokenroten person who indulge in western civilization can adupt this name…
as a proud muslim i can say that for moderate muslim this name…this entity is the Nazi partie its the Ku Klux Klan
you westie snowflaks …
you misspell “god is the greatest”… in arabik its 3 word you infidel
btw 2
rported ant snded a suport ticket for ccp

قد يكون الله معك

Your english is superb.

shukran ya chbibi!
better then your arabik
your deleted post wich includ a name for me…is still up…
another thing to report

Ya sharmutah, cry me a river.

baaden ya chabibtie

(a real muslim will never call that to another…you just made it personal…let me log one of my alts…and infiltrate your pos frig killin elit pvp corp…ill give ya some content :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: )

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Haha, ikhwani you need to get over it.We are not elite PvP, we are bad players who like to kill random people on gates and do small fleets.

Ana ptarrif shway arabi, but you are welcome to join, all players can join us, our name is a joke because we are criminals in game.

Salam ikwani al mumineen

you changed your corp description
for sure you are a real badass criminal

whos the sharmuta now??

omega lol

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Ana sharmuta haha, god bless man seriously. You’re welcome to come kill us as much as you like or come kill people with us as much you like.

Pumping mg posg