ISINE [G.HAD] is recruiting all Pirates/Terrorist for low sec griefing/PVP


(Isaac Collins) #22

Pumping mg posg

(Sole Hunter) #23

Yo calm down habibi, washala suzukimi cuccumber zookini shuktak salami ella takbikini!

(Ridley Rohan) #24

No. People like you are a phucking cancer. Maybe you should just shut up about things you only think you understand because your lying MSM told you so or your ignorant friends. There are 1.5 billion Muslims in the world and most of them are not bothering anyone.

And FYI I am not even going to tell you who the REAL mega-terrorists are in this world. Your head would explode. But I will tell you that murder is immoral and illegal unless its done in large numbers to the sound of trumpets. (vomit)

(Isaac Collins) #25

Just to clarify, we do not hold any position against people or any religion in our corp and we don’t endorse any bigotry or racism against people of different faith, sexual orientations or race.

(Ridley Rohan) #26

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(Ridley Rohan) #27

Anyone who has a problem with the freedom of speech should go join the REAL ISIL. Think about it…if you even can.

(Isaac Collins) #28

bumping uppost

(KiloAlpha) #29

Not a very funny joke is it you scum bag

(ISD FlowingSpice) #30