Corporation Deliveries Button Vanished

Long story short. I used to have an “Open Corporation Deliveries” Button which nicely sat underneath my “Open Inventory” button on the Neocom on the left hand side of my screen. Open%20Corporation%20Deliveries

After constant crashes to a particular client, I decided to create a new profile which differs from my other characters as this account is based in Jita and I guess the shared cache just couldn’t take the bombardment of data, which in turn possibly caused the crashes… Still in Testing.

Anyway, when I came to start setting up my windows and neocom. My beloved button was missing!! I already know that I can access this service via the current inventory window and also by creating a shortcut key for it. But i would much prefer my beloved button! Currently i have 2 accounts that have the button, and now 2 that don’t, and it’s quite frustrating when you are trying to get the settings for each character the same. plus its very handy to have it in constant view.