As a fairly new player to eve i am currently playing by my self just doing missions. As some one who has access to some capital ships I would like to accualy be able use some of these big ships in a corporation. I was wounder how to join a corperation that would be able to use me?

Hay bud look me up in game and when am on next we will have a chat

Hey man, we’ve all been there, I am only a 2 year old pilot!

I’m curious about you being new but having access to capital ships already. I would say be careful with skill injectors in that regard, you end up paying a lot, but you might end up overly upset if you lose a capital with not much experience. Find a good lowsec/nullsec corp to join. Horde is always great for quick and constant fights and fleets, where you can mine and rat to heart’s content. You can also get capital content there, as well.

As with any game this game is more enjoyable with others. I mean I still enjoy my quiet time, but try going on public NPSI fleets with Bjorn Bee, GinjaFlame and others! Don’t think that expensive crap is better! I’ve lost a 2b isk loki to a stupid fit ashimmu before because I didn’t know better at the time.

As much as I like to say join us, we have a soft skill requirement to join, and I’m quite busy with mentoring a couple of my own players already!

Don’t give up, you’ll lose ships, it’s okay. Remember, if it’s undocked, it’s already dead in your mind. If you get angry at losing a ship, or upset, you spent too much on it. Be annoyed at bad fights, not ship deaths.

Any corporation would be lucky to get a new pilot, remember that. 20 noobs in frigates now can be 20 decent players in 3-4 months in megathrons!

Try multiple corps, get out of hisec! Try low/null/wormhole space. IT’S HARD WORK, it really is a steep learning curve, but it’s worth it. You’ll learn 10x more in nullsec in a week than hisec in a year. You’ll come to learn that nullsec is SAFER than hisec, because you know in nullsec everyone will kill you. In hisec, you never know who will blap you.

Good luck, friend.

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