Corps in alliances - how does it typically work?

Just going down the list of bazillions of corps in The Imperium (or to a lesser extent, any other major alliance or whatever it is called), my question is how do the typical corps you find there typically get in there?

Are they typically renters, paying a certain amount of money a month to be in the alliance (or whatever it is)? Or are they typically corps that simply approach the alliance wanting in, they get interviewed and checked out, then they are are allowed in?

It is typically easy to understand!

Depends’s usually your corp billboard is one of the most important things and your history of what other alliances you where in, for some major alliances your corp’s capital power is pretty important. Most of all your corp’s reputation :]

Renting is so weaker alliances can have good land near the stronger alliance’s. Corp’s do sometimes pay a SRP contribution so that the alliance can sustain fleet’s but its very dependent on the arrangement of the alliance.

Not sure what your comment means, but my liberal use of the word ‘typically’ is in recognition of the fact that there could be many untypical scenarios. For instance - just pulling something out of my nether regions - some corps might be considered ‘core’ alliance corps initially formed by the heads of the alliance themselves back in some distant history. So these would neither be typical corps, nor would they have gotten into the alliance through typical means.

I believe you need to learn grammar as it may help your posting be understood grammatically.

For example typical and untypical are totally opposite in meaning to each other but you use them as if one can be used to explain the other!

Or you could train reading comprehension a bit higher. The OP is looking for how it works typically for corps joining and being in alliances.

His emphasis on typical situations in the first post is because he doesn’t want to hear about atypical ones. Then to answer you, he restated he wants to know how it typically works and then that he does not want to know about atypical situations such as the example he gave.

Maybe his emphasis on typical stuff is atypically heavy-handed. Your misinformed trying to make the OP look bad is sadly typical and typically contributes absolutely nothing to the thread.


You actually thought that up? Dear me you and the OP should trade notes!

There is no typical! Maybe you should rethink your reading comprehension advice!

I don’t know if you are trolling or not, but I’m certainly not the one who needs to work on his reading comprehension skills.

So what’s your sense of how the typical corp got into an alliance (average case)?

Depends, for an example: an alliance came to stage in our home system and as a small group 1/10th their size we where picking them off and winning the isk war xD so we got invited in. I’m sure it’s different for every group so just be awesome and someone will send you invites.

Avg case would probably be that your corp kill board shows that your corp is very active and decent at pvp, if you put your self in the shoes of an alliance they would be looking for people to increase their strength without increasing their losses much so avoid silly losses :stuck_out_tongue:, use out of corp hauler alts and such to remove those losses from your kill-boards. If you train new guys make a feeder corp so they don’t paint your killboard’s red and bring them in when they are trained up.

There are some alliance’s that look for your risk adverseness so if your constantly bringing ecm to fight’s or cyno dropping they will not consider you, but then others will because they like that kinda stuff so do what ever you like man and chance’s are you will find an alliance that has the same play style as you corp’s.

Out of interest do you have an alliance you are eye balling and would like to join? Also another good way is to post on forums say how active your corp is and what is your preferred play style and you will get tons of invite’s from a whole bunch of alliances.

Riddle me this Batman. Do corps (or individuals with corps) within an alliance generally have access to the entire alliance space? Or are they all segregated into different pockets and generally not allowed to roam through all the space doing ratting and mining and whatever else?

I’ve been away for a while, but it used to be that each corp would have a number of systems assigned to them, that they could upgrade and use for ratting/mining etc. You could roam anywhere, but ratting in another corps systems was considered bad form, and likely to get a complaint sent to your CEO if you were doing it much.

Well, first your corp gets scammed, then you get scammed trying to unscam your corp situation, then you get scammed again because you didnt learn from your first attempts at getting into the Imperium, then lastly, you get scammed again because well you still didnt learn did you that joining the Imperium is a tricky business. Ditto for the rest of the major alliances.

Oh and if you do figure out how to get a corp into one of those alliances please come back and tell us so we can give it a go (damn it, you’re going to scam me arent you?).

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