Corps that don't want APIs

Other than horde, are there any other big corps that don’t check for API’s? Personally, the biggest reason i’m in horde is because i’m too lazy to bother with making accounts on other sites to submit my API.

making an api is actually really easy.

problem is making an account for whatever corp to check over your API. A lot of corps like karmafleet, brave and dreddit all need you to make an account on their website and then do more stuff like validating your account, applying through their site and waiting for a response

Applying to a corp in Eve is basically equivalent to applying for a job in real life. They want to know who you are and what you can do for them. The API is your resume.

In larger corporations the API also provides information to to external corporate services - website, forums, voice coms, fleet-up, etc…

There are corporations that will take anyone without a background check but most of the large, well known corps will screen applicants carefully - that’s how they got to be large and well known in the first place!

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no one want to check your api … i dont remember when but i think its not that long to go and then there are no more api keys … just wait a bit … ggg

no really … i am not CEO and not director but i would never join somone to corp without a check … will get interessting soon …


Next month based on the current deprecation notice (8 May):

However, most are switching to the ESI now, which is more straight forward anyway.

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