How to remove former corp from access to info?

I applied to a corporation and the site they had wanted me to log in and give them a bunch of info. It looked like it was through whatever ended up being the API replacement.

How long does my former corporation keep access to my information after I’ve left?

How long do prospective corporations have access to my information after applying and never joining?

you can delete any created api at any time by going to the eve api section and deleting the keys…and to my knowledge that will immediately deny the access to your info.

How long do they have access? Anything between only until you revoke the access to how long they want if they saved the information about you externally after you gave them access to your data.

Thank you two very much for your answers.

Yes i should have specified that i meant continued access to new information contained in the api. If they screenshotted it or the third party app saves it, they may have that information forever, but i felt as if you meant how long would they have continued access to NEW information from the api, which to my knowledge would end as soon as you deleted the key

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