Corrupted image at startup

This is how the Launcher starting up (everytime), is it only me?

The delay last a few seconds and then comes the normal background, it’s happening since last September, i was hopping it will be fixed with the new version of the launcher.

Since the new launcher arrived it does it for me, every time - I thought it was a Linux thing.

Used to do it to me for the old launcher - an HTML rendering engine artefact I suspend. It doesn’t impact functionality (the new and old launchers work/ed fine for me on Linux).

How did you suspend it?

Sorry, typo.
“Rendering artifact I suspect” rather than “suspend”.
It looks as if the engine hasn’t finished working out how the frames fill the reserved space before it starts drawing them. It’s never disturbed me much, so I haven tried to resolve it - and I’d rather not break it.

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But it was not always like this, it happened sometime after some updates and since then remains without a fix.

No, it depends on what rendering engine the launcher is deploying with - developers have a choice of packaging their own, which gives consistency, or using the system renderer where you have much more variability in how it works.
Then you have the whole “how does the rendered interact with the desktop compositor?” type issues.

Basically, it’s complicated, has a strange look, but doesn’t impact functionality so is low priority for a fix.

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