Corrupted Overview Language Setting?

I do hope in your Updates, you include a fix for Overview Language settings. All my Interface is in proper English, EXCEPT the Overview column headings, which are in Japanese! . All the settings state English, I have un-installed / re-installed Eve game, and it still persists. this Bug just makes playing less enjoyable, and difficult.

Of course you send CCP a bug report, right?

i will if i knew where to post it? so many links and chat posts… can you direct me to the right place please? hug

f12 in game.

Also, post here screenshot. Because I suspect that you just have your tabs named in Japanese and you simply use same overview settings over and over again.

screenshot . as I mentioned, I did un-install, re-install eve. also checked settings as all state English. I have done virus scans, (clean) . where can I get help please?

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@Kara_Strommsung this is the third place on the forums and second thread you’ve made on the subject. Please stop crossposting.

apologies, I have submitted the Bug report. I didnt know where to Post at first, sorry.

ill try that Liz Torin, ty hug

That’s fine, you’re new to the forums. You can mention a topic in multiple places but creating the same thread in multiple places is at worst prohibited and at best distasteful. Now you know :upside_down_face:

Also, if you ever post a thread in the wrong place, you can edit the category. Click to edit the title, and you have the option to change the category (you don’t actually have to change the title if you don’t want to).

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Closed this thread since you’ve already posted over in the General issues subforum.