Cosmic Monsters EU/US PVP Corp

Cosmic Monsters – Null Sec PVP Corp

Cosmic Monsters are a null sec PVP corp Living in Providence and we specialise in small gang PVP.
You don’t need to be an experienced PVP god, just willing to learn !

What we are looking for …

  • Players that want PVP, specifically in an organised small gang environment

  • Players willing to specialise and learn & train the ships that we need to make our fleet comps work

  • Players that are willing to make the effort to have the right ships available at the right time (we like to be able to respond as fast as possible this increases our ability to get good fights)

  • Players that want to improve, we don’t judge new recruits on how much SP they have, attitude is more important

  • Self-motivated people willing to get out and maximise the opportunities to make isk when they can

  • We Operate as NRDS in Providence and NBSI everywhere else

What we can offer you

  • We don’t need to rely on other peoples FC’s for our content, We have our own
  • Likeminded & Experienced people to play the game with!
  • Access to Providence fleets big and small
  • Access to null sec space for making isk
  • Access to Null sec industry
  • Jump freighter Services from trade hubs
  • Limited ship replacement program

How to apply
Join us on our in game channel Cosmic Monsters or on discord to talk to a recruiter today

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Recruitment is open, Now within own alliance Escape Velocity!

Looking for a place to PVP your heart out ? Casual and Fun coms you actually want to hang out in? This is your corp

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havn’t been here long , but its a lot of fun , very laid back bunch with good space and a lot going on.

Our FCs are good, our cookies are better

Open for new members!

our ships have spikes on. Join now!

Recruitment is open

Need more Pilots!

Free Whisky!! Come Join

Looking for you small gang pilots!

back up to the top

Fun fight with watchmen tonight!
join for small gang action

Fun fights to be had !!
Apply today

NEED MOAR fights…

JOIN US TODAY ::smiley:

Fun corp, would 100% recommend the pvp fleets and flash forms larger than pre-planned fleets.

Bombers are fun ! Love this place

bump for recruitment !

Need moar happy souls

Bump for the win. Recruitment open