Cosmos Obscuritas AUS WH/HS

Obscuritas is a sub division of the Cosmos Origins group. On top of our well established high sec and null sec corp we are looking to expand our wh activity in the aussie tz although players from all timezones are welcome.

We are established in a C2 and are looking seriously into expansion into C5 ratting.

  • 100% newbro friendly and happy to provide assistance in earning ISK in wh space as well as getting to grips with PvP, particularly in wh and LS space.
  • Ships and modules available for new players to get up and running with and plenty of guidance on fitting and other gameplay aspects.
  • Planetary Industry at very low tax rates
  • In system buybacks of all wh resources and most other resources paid out daily.
  • Opportunity to move to C5 ratting when skill level permits.
  • Free hauling into and out of wh space.

We can offer the support network of a well established alliance in high sec space. This means full use of our HS systems for moon mining, and manufacturing and participation in fleet and corp events.

Capacity to move to our NS branch and still retain WH access.

Contact Chase Smackem via in game mail or join our discord server for more information.

Join our Discord!

We are still looking for new members!

Recruitment status : open

Recruitment is open

Come join the fun

Recruitment status is open

Recruiting open

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