Cost - Price Inversion (Broken Market)

I’d come to a similar conclusion .

i don’t believe t2 ships are being sold at a loss , or under market value . and

a t1 ship that needs only minerals , using a researched bpc , r clicking buy all in jita shows nearly exactly the same cost as the current buy orders for those ships . that leaves the t2 “other materials” as the outliers .

null sec has the best planets , and lowest overhead , for pi . alliance owned moons supply the cheapest moon mats ( free if you mine them youself :smiley:) . and they have the highest bonus , specialized , rigged structures for refine , reactions , and building .

shipping all those t2 parts to jita would crash the price . they’re more valuable when incorporated into the cost of a t2 ship , which also limits the supply , keeping prices high .

tl/dr . to accurately figure the build cost of a t2 ship , which is mostly the cost of those t2 parts , you’d have to look at the cost of building those parts in null sec . not jita buy , or sell , prices .

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My advice, stop bothering, if you can’t build it for a profit, then just build something else. This is what I was doing when I was heavy in industry (all highsec, lowsec and solo btw). Scan the market for opportunities, build/sell and switch if the market swings out of your favor. Also, as you already mentioned, I was only doing the profitable steps, so it could stop before the final product. Ships rarely were profitable for me in the past. Price anomalies to exploit usually come with patches or events.

Easy, build the components → sell. Buy built ship, pocket the difference.

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For example this is the reality today at Jita market, using Jita prices for everything. It’s across basically all T2 ships now except where there are occational distrurbions.

item      profit    pro%    market    breake      ord  Δam%
--------  --------  ------  --------  --------  -----  ------
Rapier    -836,25k  -0,5    163,00m   163,84m      26  0,1
Huginn    -14,63m   -8,8    151,80m   166,44m     113  3,9
Rook      -14,93m   -8,7    157,30m   172,23m      70  0,7
Pilgrim   -19,73m   -11,2   156,70m   176,43m     116  4,4
Falcon    -20,74m   -12,0   151,40m   172,14m      76  3,1
Arazu     -23,37m   -13,4   151,50m   174,87m      94  2,0
Lachesis  -27,46m   -15,7   147,50m   174,96m     100  5,2
Curse     -36,62m   -20,7   139,90m   176,52m     261  21,2

Hi Modesty,

Have you looked at the bulk (m3) of the precursor ingredients? If they’re being assembled in deep space and sold on market, it may be worth the loss of outright revenue in terms of isk/m3 on a jump freighter run or such.
Look how much it costs in fuel to move a JF around and also in time - the missing ‘margin’ may lie there.