This is kinda disturbing

  • tool used evetycoon;
  • approach best Jita prices excluding outliers;
  • scenario is the most basic one, buy basic ship, use LP and sell for profit.
  • Minmatar was used, but it’s the same for other factions;
Stabber 16000000 Hurricane 73000000
Stabber FI 55000000 Hurricane FI 174000000
LP Cost 240000 LP Cost 250000
Profit 39000000 Profit 101000000
ISK/LP 162.5 ISK/LP 404

So we have two cases, and I’m not sure which one is worse:
1 - People are bad in basic math; (strange)
2 - “NPCs” are fixing a “free market”;

Not going to elaborate, just let it there, since I don’t see how to investigate further.

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To the point the market never corrects itself?

The demand/offer is always in harmony, the level of stupidity is always compensating?

Okay. No hard proof so I gotta believe.

Free market


I don’t know what exactly you’re trying to tell us, but it seems to be based on the assumption that all people are always good at math and optimise their prices. That people aren’t lazy, don’t make mistakes or aren’t in need of ISK right now rather than more ISK later on.

Your assumption is wrong, so whatever conclusions you want to draw from it are also most likely wrong.




A free market allows people to be free to do things that make no sense, like selling things below cost or value. Or to choose to produce things they can never make a profit on.

Freedom generally just results in people doing dumb stuff, which is as it should be.

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I guess they don’t know how to use a calculator either and it’s a miracle Ariane ever made it to orbit.

Eve players are very bad at math, a lot of industry in eve runs at horrific losses.

We call this “the minerals I mine & the plex I buy is free” syndrome, do not try red pill these types as they get emotional when reality closes in.

I find nothing wrong with me profiting from those that are having a fun time devaluing their money,time, and effort.


Opportunity cost was never really a concept that players in this game have understood. It’s free when you mined it right

For some people EVE is their entire existence. Their reason for waking up each day. Their second life. And they treat it as such.

For other people it’s just a game and they don’t give a ■■■■ about “losing” internet space money.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


First of all, use commas in your numbers ffs.

Second, great job! You have proven that Battlecruisers are indeed worth more than Cruisers.

I don’t know exactly where you belong in all things, but the hero hall-of-fame surely must be one of them.

This is the kind of journalism the world needs right now… obvious, blatant, clear-as-day truths.

clap clap clap clap

Stabber Fleet Issue is offered for 45,000 LP in the Minmatar Faction Warfare corporation (Tribal Liberation). You only need to provide a T1 Stabber and a UUB Nexus Chip. Still not great profit per LP but by no means a loss.

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Tx man, problem solved.

I was certain people could not be that dumb.

Really sorry I was ignorant that you could get a SFI, to be honest I suspected but I was lazy to check it out.

This thread is now pointless. Shame is on me.

No problem. I wondered about the same thing when I started. It’s just one of those weird things in Eve that the LP price is so much higher in all the non-FW corps.

Look at t2 or t1 manufacture if you wanna see horrific losses.

How to turn 1.2bn isk p.c.m into 0.960bn with 12 man hrs of eve work & a bunch of manufacture slots.

The secret is a paid subscription & turning a blind eye to your p.c.m plex fee. 3rd party tools even cater to these blue pill takers without even accounting their pcm plex fee.

"“Oh look my turn over box is green”,

You forgot to put the cost of - 500 plex in your material cost & you’ve not detracted a fair ISK/phr fee either.

“Stfu, its a game, I’m a true captain of industry, I make billions of isk per month reeeee!”.

No, you buy bns of isk of plex per month for dollar & you spurge a significant amount of it running unprofitable industry jobs.

There are good industry margins out there. The secret is finding a good one then n+1 it into the ground. You can also addition sp gain/ per account to profit if you wanna take blue pill lite.

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I have mission running/other pve to make up losses. And some losses not viewed as losses. I am known to surf fittings sites, say that looks interesting. And go buy it. so many ship and fit options (that may need varying rigs) in the game, why fly just like 2 of them all the time lol.

Try it out a few days/weeks and go meh, some are not worthy of of keeping as a hangar ornament.

Its made some money off pve runs. So to sell it faster I may drop price to sell it faster. I call lost money a rental fee basically lol.

I lose 2 million on the sale. but the ship made at least 2 million (usually more) to be okay on missions/other pve.

Been doing this alot since I came back a few weeks ago. I have faithful tengu and rattler…but on this return I trying to avoid spamming them full time. KInd of sort of what lead to my eve boredom last time. And my years vacation from it. My say Tengu was and still is a great ship. 3/4 years of flying everyday still gets old lol.

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